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Authorized devices to be used with endo.digital
Insulin Pump
All insulin pumps with regulatory approval – (dependent on location: EU / US/ ROW). Excluding automated delivery systems
Blood Glucose Meter
All meters with regulatory approval – (dependent on location: EU / US/ Rest of the World (ROW)
Medtronic DiabetesEnliteIProGuardian Sensor 3
AbbottLibreLibre Pro
Connected Insulin Injectors
All communicating insulin injectors with regulatory approval
(dependent on location: EU/US/Rest of the World)
Qualified Diabetes Management System
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privacy policy     terms of use
Contraindicated Devices not to be used with endo.digital
Device Type
Device Manufacturer
Brand Name
Automated Insulin Dosing Systems (pump and CGM)
Medtronic Diabetes
MiniMed 670G or 770G Insulin Pump with Guardian Sensor 3
Tandem Diabetes Care
t:slim X2 using Control IQ with Dexcom G6
Indications for use – US only
endo.digital Platform

The endo.digital Platform is intended for the management of diabetes by people with diabetes and their health care providers in order to report, log, track, share, monitor and review their data using the dedicated computer or mobile software. Advisor Pro Platform also enables communication between people with diabetes and their health care providers as well as among health care providers.

The endo.digital Platform enables the healthcare provider to use the endo.digital Algorithms for treatment recommendations as described below and prescribe the Advisor Pro Bolus Calculator for patient use.

endo.digital Algorithm

endo.digital Algorithm is a decision-support software intended for assisting healthcare professionals in the management of their patients with diabetes who monitor their glucose levels using continuous glucose monitor (CGM) and/or Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) meter; and use any of the following insulin types as their therapy to manage glucose levels via subcutaneous injections or continuous sub-cutaneous insulin infusion (CSII; insulin pump) reported either manually or automatically:

  • Long acting insulins (for injections only)
  • Short acting insulins:
    • Rapid acting analogs (for injections & insulin pump according to manufacturer indications for use)
    • Regular human insulin (for injections only)

The endo.digital algorithm is intended to be used for patients with:

  • Type 1 diabetes over the age of 6 using an insulin pump or subcutaneous insulin injections.
  • Type 2 diabetes over the age of 10 who use subcutaneous insulin injections.

endo.digital Algorithm is indicated for use by healthcare professionals when analyzing CGM, SMBG and/or insulin delivery data to generate recommendations for optimizing a patient’s insulin treatment plan for basal therapy and/or bolus therapy and/or glucose targets; without considering the full clinical status of a particular patient. endo.digital Algorithm does not replace clinical judgment.

endo.digital Bolus Calculator

The endo.digital Bolus Calculator, a component of the DreaMed Diary App, is a diabetes management tool for people with type 1 diabetes above the age of 6 and type 2 diabetes above the age of 10, who use subcutaneous insulin injections therapy (not for pump use). This tool can help calculate their rapid acting analogs for insulin bolus doses based on user-entered blood glucose and/or meal information. The initial setup of the user’s treatment plans, and bolus calculator settings must be performed by a healthcare provider.